Monday, August 07, 2017

"fill in seven syllables" Suggestions Please

Today, unlike most, I only woke with the alarm, and I didn't spring out of bed. I guess yesterday was more tiring than I had thought. Truth is that the night before I hadn't slept enough. I barely got half a night's sleep.

And yesterday was a very busy day. First of all I exercised an hour in the pool. I don't swim laps but I do my "dance exercises" in the water. Then traveled to Jerusalem where I caught a ride with a friend to Netanya. It is a bit crazy to go to Jerusalem to get to Netanya, since Netanya is closer to Shiloh. But the logistics of going  to Netanya by tremps and buses from Shiloh to where we were meeting friends for a late lunch made the decision easy for  me. In the summer midday heat comfortable and airconditioned win hands down.

I had a lovely lunch with friends in Netanya; Gd willing I will review the restaurant. Then we walked a bit in view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Netanya by the Sea

Netanya by the Sea
After everyone else who had to travel went on their way, my Netanya friend walked me to my neighbor's store, because I had a ride home with him. It was still a bit too early, so I then walked around a bit and, no surprise, bought some gorgeous new scarves in his store. The ride home was pleasant, and then I had a late light dinner and got to bed at a reasonable time and slept well, B"H.

As many of you know, I write a #morningcoffeehaiku every morning illustrated by photos of my morning coffee and the sun or a view taken the same morning. Well, this morning I got stuck:

Bright sunshine today
fill in seven syllables 
Very strong coffee

As you can see, I had no problem finding a five syllable opening line and a closing of  another five syllables. But I haven't a clue as what sort of seven liner to put in the middle. I need your help to fill it in. You can also "pad" the ending with another two syllables, so then you just need a five syllable closing.

Awaiting your ideas, thanks. Please put them in the comments. I really do appreciate it, thanks, again.


Anonymous said...

Got out of bed by alarm.

Batya Medad said...

Thanks, I like that.
More ideas, please

Lady Light said...

The first line is only 4 syllables, not 5. So that, too, must be revised.

How about: "Such bright sun today.
Getting up from a bad night;
Very strong coffee!

Freyda said...

Bright sun this morning
Thinking Netanya seaside
Very strong coffee made to drink
Dreaming friends together

Freyda said...

Just my two cents...

Batya Medad said...

Lady Light, fixed it, but yours is better! You got it exactly.
Freyda, lovely, true
but no haiku.

Thanks to both of you

Freyda said...

So what's the definition of haiku?

Batya Medad said...

Japanese poetic form of 3 lines 5, 7 and 5 syllables. I write one most mornings as sort of an ode to coffee.