Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Real Popcorn! Easy to Make

Every once in awhile I get a hankering for popcorn, but it must be real popcorn. To my taste the air poppers produce tasteless plastic, or Styrofoam.  And I wouldn't use the packaged microwave popcorn even if we had a microwave.

I make my popcorn in a good stainless steel pot with a lid and some oil. You need a large bowl and some table salt handy.

  • put in just enough popcorn to barely cover the bottom of the pot
  • check that all the kernels are good, and there are no stones
  • add a bit of oil
  • cover
  • give it a shake
  • put on high flame
  • the minute you hear the "popping" shake again
  • when it pops again, lower the flame a little
  • if the top starts to lift when still popping carefully pour some of the popcorn into a bowl and quickly re-cover
  • quickly take off flame when it stops popping and pour into bowl
  • add a bit of salt
You'll be amazed at how much popcorn you get out of a small amount of kernels.

Enjoy real popcorn!!

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