Friday, August 18, 2017

Kids Fun in Center 1

There was a time when you could barely bribe people to enter Center 1, the "mall" near the Central Bus Station, at the corner of Yaffa and Yermiyahu. It was very "dead." Businesses didn't do well at all. But in recent years it has gotten very popular, especially with chareidim, probably those in all of the new housing developments within walking distance. It's also a short walk from the "Chardal" stronghold of Kiryat Moshe. I always see it full of families and lots of children.

This area between the orginal part of Center 1 and the addition added a few years ago is used for all sorts of temporary sales and events. During Hebrew Book Week, it was full of books. And now that it's that difficult time of summer vacation when the camps have closed, and the yeshivot are on breaks, too, they have children's activities. It is mobbed, but everyone seems to be having fun.

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