Sunday, October 08, 2017

"thankful for each drop"

Here are more of my morning haikus, which are written on facebook most mornings. I haven't posted them here on the blog for quite awhile. This morning while struggling with finding just the right words, I think I got them. Multiple meanings are very haiku. Aren't they?

sunshine and coffee
but tomorrow maybe rain
thankful for each drop

coffee sans sugar
just isn't as delicious
but weight is dropping

trying almond milk
cold brew coffee tasted great
no need for sugar

sad morning coffee
just doesn't taste all that good
funeral today

up much too early
two-faced mug perfect coffee
with coconut cream

sans sugar small mug
tightened my pouch yesterday
stupendous sunrise

cool misty morning 
cold brew coffee just perfect
after Yom Kippur

Comments and shares on facebook are very welcome. And I'd love to read your contributions to #morningcoffeehaiku.

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