Monday, October 02, 2017

About That Coffee I Bought in The Shuq


 A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I would run out of coffee for the French Press before a new stock would arrive from the states. I even tried to find the link to a coffee place here in Israel that delivers, but I failed.

Then, by chance, I was in Machane Yehuda and came across a new coffee place, possibly a branch of a more veteran one. It's called Rosemarin, or Rosemary, and it's on the "main drag." They had a better price for Colombian coffee, so I decided to give it a try.

I asked for a quarter of a kilo, but the young man working there gave me more and had to keep asking the manager how to use the machinery. The store seemed that new. I didn't mind getting 400 gram, about a pound, because at the time I didn't know when some would arrive from the states.

As you can see from the photos the store looks nice and is stocked with all sorts of food, coffee and spices. The staff was very polite and accommodating. The grinder even had a label saying "French Press." I hadn't seen that in other stores.

My first taste of the coffee wasn't all that auspicious, since I could taste large pieces of what could have been the shell of coffee beans.  And the taste was nothing all that great. I was very upset.

But subsequent cups of coffee made with their coffee were good. I realized that the problem may have been from the fact that I had mixed the very last of an older different coffee with this new one.

And after a week or more drinking this Colombian coffee, which was also the best price I've found in Jerusalem, I'm happy. I've also been experimenting with different milks, as some readers may have noticed. Now I have almond milk and don't add the sugar, or as much, which had been a strong part of my coffee enjoyment.

The Rosemary coffee place uses high quality bags, as you can see here. I think it keeps the coffee fresher than from other stores which just use a reinforced paper bag. And once I get the coffee home, I store the bagged ground coffee beans in one of the empty tins from American coffee.

I'm glad to have found this Rosemary place with better prices and a better coffee grinder.

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