Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Little Gardening

A month or so ago, I walked down to the Shiloh Industrial Zone to shop. No, I didn't buy food. I bought a new garden hose for the back of our house. I really want to fix up the garden, but as economically as possible. Since my husband and I are now home a lot, I figure that we can water plants the old fashioned way, by walking around the garden with a hose. There's an old one in the front of the house, but it doesn't reach to the back.

I had no idea how much a hose would cost, but somehow I guessed right. OK, the bought the longest one I could for the money I had with me. I also had the salesperson/clerk/owner, or whoever he was, explain very carefully how to attach it to the faucet. Miraculously I managed to attach it. And double miraculous, it seems the right length.

The next door neighbor has put a fence up between our properties, and I really want to have plants on my side. I've started on the corner by the sidewalk with geranium cuttings I got from a different neighbor.  So far they seem to be doing all right. It'll take a few months for them to really "take root." In the meantime I have to water them frequently. I'll keep adding up the length of the fence.

If you have any ideas of free plants that grow easily in our climate, please let me know, thanks.

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