Monday, October 09, 2017

Meeting Some Visitors From China

The other day a neighbor called with an "offer I couldn't resist." 
"Are you and your husband available to speak to a group of Chinese Christians visiting the country?" 

And luckily we were free at the time she needed us. It was great fun. We talked about living in Shiloh and a lot about our town of Shiloh in the Bible.

They were a very friendly and supportive audience. We also got to speak to a number of the group while eating lunch in the sukkah.

I've always loved these little jobs. It's fun for me to talk to groups, especially when they're better behaved than my students had been. I hope we'll get some pictures of us on the stage, and if so, I can post them, too. When I was talking, I could see that some of the audience was recording everything on their phones.

Nowadays very few people use an actual camera. Why should we? The phone cameras are better than reasonably priced cameras and are part of the "package." I'd rather spend a bit more for my phone and get a camera at the same time. I've found that phone camera is easier to control/adjust than the camera is.

I really do appreciate the freedom that retirement has given us. We both now have "small businesses," so that when we're hired for jobs, we can give receipts. And I really do love the fact that I'm not working at Yafiz, since the store is open also on Chol Hamoed, the "intermediate" days of Succot and Passover.

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