Sunday, October 29, 2017

Haikuing About Morning Coffee

Most days I still manage a haiku about my morning coffee. If you're on facebook, you can join the conversation and even reply in haiku form, 5, 7, 5 syllables.

 Here are a vew of my recent ones plus photos.

Mah tovu, How good
Modah ani, Thanking Gd
sunrise and coffee

sun shining brightly
no more daylight savings time
strong, sparkling coffee

Spent Shabbat at friends,
Was great, but only instant;
French Press tomorrow!

3 hrs
Morningcoffeehaiku Shabbat just instant
forbidden to use French Press
Can brew in advance

very tired today
lots of exciting things to do
coffee to rescue

Pretty coffee cup
Last night enjoyed museum
In Jerusalem

sunrise and coffee
starting the day with a smile
lots of fun things planned

Not buying soy milk
tasted awful in coffee
had to add sugar

Chodesh Tov, Dear World
Cheshvan begins the winter
dark sky strong coffee

coffee, cup by cup
simple filter always works
even before dawn

coffee with goat milk
I may try some with sugar
hot coffee, bright sun

sunshine and coffee
but tomorrow maybe rain
thankful for each drop

super busy day
fueling it with strong coffee
looking forward, smile


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