Friday, May 18, 2018

A Visit to The Diaspora Museum.

Actually the museum is now called The Museum of the Jewish People, Beit Hatfutsot, but that's too much a mouthful for a title. And most people still think of it by its old name. I went there as a field trip with the senior citizens program I attend in the Ofra Girls High School. We were hosted by the museum, since we "veterans" have our stories on their oral history site. You can see my story here, ממחול בניו יורק לתפילה בתל שילה From Dancing in New York to Praying in Tel Shiloh.  Sorry, but it's in Hebrew. I must find out how to get an English version up on its English page.

We had a wonderful time yesterday, and they even picked us up and dropped us off in Shiloh, since Shiloh's on the way to Ramat Aviv, where the museum is located. I'd love to go back to the museum some time. I hadn't been there since it opened forty years ago. It's definitely recommended for family visits with kids. There was none of the "shhh, shhh, don't make noise" which makes taking kids to museums so difficult. We were told to talk about what the exhibits mean to us and how we feel connected.

Here are some pictures:

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