Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Another Mug of #morningcoffeehaiku

I've been haikuing most mornings for quite awhile now as #morningcoffeehaiku. Please join if you wish. And following are some recent ones:

made coffee too strong
hope it wakes me up real well
really must hydrate

shiny new French Press
unbreakable finally
dawn of great new age
need that perked coffee
must get more get up and go
sleep's never enough

slept but much too tired
sun and coffee very strong
exciting day planned

Coffee, wake me up!
Rosh Chodesh Women's Prayer Group
summer coming soon

need lots of coffee
very strong to wake me up
coffee's a winner

finally Friday
filtered coffee, sunny day
need my Shabbat rest

Summer really here?
enough winter already
still drink coffee hot

yellow windy morn
not a poet's "spring" vision
really need coffee

always need coffee
even when up before ring
revs up the engine

sun peeking through clouds
strong coffee perking on stove
ten lives lost in flood

super sunny morn
drinking super strong coffee
super busy day

Water then coffee
Quiet in Jerusalem
Later the siren

up before alarm
cheerful glorious sunrise
now for my coffee

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