Sunday, May 13, 2018

Israel's Eurovision Win, Not Just Music

When I saw Israel's Netta's "Toy" in the Eurovision semifinal last week, which was the first time I watched it or any of the annual contest for years, I began to understand that Eurovision's no longer just a "song contest." And I'm not talking about the "politics." If you want to know a bit about the "politics," then read my Shiloh Musings post.

The staging and production of Eurovision is now most suited to a sports arena, and there's no way that it will fit in Jerusalem's Binyanei Ha'uma, where it had been held in the past.

Israel's "Halleluyah" won Eurovision in 1979, when the competition took place in Jerusalem's Binyanei Ha'uma.

Compare it to Israel's win in Lisbon just a few hours ago:

There's nothing simple about the staging. Of course the most spectacular place in Jerusalem would be Sultan's Pool, outside of the Old City, but security would be easier at Teddy Stadium. What do you think?

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