Wednesday, July 04, 2018

New Swimming Gloves, Sort Of

A major element in my water/pool fitness routine is wearing swimming gloves. Simply put, they make my hands look like a duck's webbed feet. I first received the gloves from my mother, who began using them in the water when she took Water Aerobics fitness classes a few decades ago. The webbing "enlarges" the hand, which produces both more power and requires much more effort. The more effort, the fitter your arms and upper body get.

Like all other equipment, they must be replaced periodically, as they disintegrate, peel,  get holes etc.

For some strange reason, the gloves are almost impossible to buy here in Israel, so I used to replace them when visiting family in the states. But now that my parents have both passed away, I no longer travel nor have any plans on visiting.

I asked a friend to pick some up for me. She saw a different version on Amazon for an amazingly low price. We figured it was worth trying them out. They are silicon and just partial gloves, just enough to provide some webbing, but they don't cover the entire hand.

At her suggestion, I added a bit of powder to the bag they were in, so they would slip on more easily. Their effectiveness in the water was less than the full glove/mitten, but they did provide more surface area and effort than nothing at all.

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