Monday, July 30, 2018

Arguing Over a Couple of Inches, Few Centimeters, Kitchen Saga

One of the reasons I didn't go for a less expensive, store-bought modular kitchen is that I wanted things that you generally cant find in those more standardized kitchen places.

When we ordered the kitchen in our house just under 35 years ago, it was dakva our contractor who suggested that I have the upper cabinets 50 centimeters up, rather than the standard 60 centimeters. Because of that I can easily reach both lower shelves. If the cabinet was five centimeters higher, I'd have a problem. So I told the kitchen guy I need 50 centimeters, not a drop higher.

He brought me the plans from the carpenter, and I noticed that it said 52 centimeters. And there were only three upper shelves instead of the four I expect and require.
I said: "No!"
I made it very clear that at my age, one gets shorter, not taller. And if 50 centimeters was OK for the past thirty plus years, if anything, I need lower not higher for the future. And I want my four shelves.

He explained that the height must take into account easy use and cutting of the wall tiles. They are 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters, so a trim of 5 centimeters won't work.
"Great! Make it 45 centimeters."
"Nobody does 45; I've never heard of it."
"אז מה Az mah? So what?"
Off he went to the carpenter for a new plan. They have to give me what I want; it's my kitchen.

Yes, the saga continues...


Netivotgirl said...

Not only is it YOUR kitchen, it is YOUR MONEY paying them for their work and the materials! Good luck! May it come out exactly as you want it to be and may you get many years of joy from cooking and baking there!

Anonymous said...


Thank Gd you have just kitchen problems, which can be easily resolved... :))



Batya said...

We've saved up for years for this. I am sure we are seriously overpaying, but I had so much trouble finding someone to do it who didn't act obnoxious. Of course the guy came back saying "no problem." This one doesn't mind my arguing with him. He has also helped a lot and is intelligent. Too many just mumbled and looked at me like I'm the idiot.

Sharon said...

Kitchen cabinets in Israel are hung way too high, if we ever remodel I will insist on them being much lower. Stick to your guns! :-)

Batya said...

When you take a private carpenter, you make the rules. Israelis love counter space and don't appreciate cabinets.