Thursday, October 18, 2018

Jerusalem Walk, Yesterday

Yesterday was Wednesday, and any Wednesday* you'll find me in Jerusalem studying in Matan. Click here for class schedule and more information.

For the past few years, my study partners/friends/chevruta and I meet early for breakfast chat and learning. Then most of us go on to class with Yael Ziegler. After that lecture, I have a break of over an hour and a half before Yael Leibowitz's class. During that time I usually, weather permitting, take a walk and buy something for lunch.

I used to bring lunch with me, but now since I sleep the night before in Jerusalem, that's more difficult. It's also such a pleasure walking around the neighborhood, the walking trail, by the old train tracks, or to Talpiyot, Emek Refaim, etc. And of course, I need and love a walk.

*except for school vacations

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