Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Let's Go To The Show!!! HIDDEN - The Secret Jews of Spain

My great disappointment is that I'm not acting/singing/dancing in  "HIDDEN - The Secret Jews of Spain." I ended up suffering severe hip pain the week of my audition and had to cancel. By the time I began feeling much better it was too late. I took that as a "sign" that being in a musical show was really too much for me.

Opening night is November 11, so get your tickets now!
Join us for "HIDDEN - The Secret Jews of Spain," an epic historical musical about an outwardly Christian, secretly Jewish family who struggles to keep its true identity amidst the ever-watching, merciless eyes of the Spanish Inquisition. Based on the beloved historical novel The Family Aguilar by Rabbi Marcus Lehmann, with permission of Feldheim Publishers.
Recommended from age 10 and up ~ For women and girls

For ticket information click here.


Sharon Katz said...

Dear Batya, we are sorry you are not in the cast of HIDDEN, but we are sure that you and your friends from Eli and Binyamin are going to LOVE IT. Thanks for inspiring us in print. We're hoping to inspire you on stage.

Batya Medad said...

Thanks, looking forward.