Thursday, January 25, 2007


The fuzzy look is nice, I think.
The first picture is of a bird on my "instant garden," a hardy, quick-growing plant I innocently put all over my garden. I took the picture from my kitchen with both the window and screen closed. That's why it is so fuzzy. Sort of like Monet. Maybe he saw things through a dirty, screened kitchen window, like mine!

The clouds were taken from a car, I think, on my way home from Beit El. You can see the dirt on the windows. I like the effect.

We all see things through our own perspective. It's a form of self-defense. Sometimes we need walls up to protect ourselves.

One of my neighbors told about her father, a Holocaust survivor, who had functioned well for decades, never telling his children anything about his past. Just a few years ago, someone he knew went back to Europe on a "fact-finding mission" and discovered old documents including one with a picture of the old man's mother. He joyfully gave the man the picture, knowing that the man hadn't seen his mother or any image of her for sixty years.

That was it. The old man deteriorated quickly and soon died. He needed his protective wall. Confronting the past was too painful. He needed to screen it in.

There's a contradiction in the accepted therapies in dealing with or overcoming stressful situations. The popular modern way is to "talk it out," but for some such a method just further elevates damage to the psyche. When I took a "coaching course," I learned basic NLP. To put it simply, NLP teaches you how to put the bad behind you and "visually" reduce it in size until it is non-threatening.

Rose-colored glasses, or dirty screens or windows may be the best defense for some situations, but calling Arab terrorists "deprived" won't make them peace-loving!

Officer Krupke, you're really a slob.
This boy don't need a doctor, just a good honest job.
Society's played him a terrible trick,
And sociologic'ly he's sick


Anonymous said...

shalom the photos...and your post...thought a lot about the holocaust survivor...oy...have a great day...blogspot is giving me trouble and i can't always access my links...hmmm gremlins stay safe my friend

~ Sarah ~ said...

before i even read what you wrote i was thinking that photo looked like a monet!

muse said...

I feel that the pictures have a life of their own; I never know how they'll look.

marallyn, I've also had some trouble recently

sarah, do you think Monet looked through a dirty kitchen screen?

~ Sarah ~ said...

lol... yes and now a monet is worth millions!

Sav said...

The pictures are so nice and I don't know how it really looks!

I also agree that life coaching is very helpful if you are experiencing stressful days in your life!