Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The View From the Other Side

Last night I watched some neighbors mix moisturizer. Well, sort of, I was too mesmerized by the window.

The house I was in is at the other side of the neighborhood. From mine there's a nice sunrise and the sprouting house across the way, but that's about it. This other house has these large windows and you can see the view and reflected images. I could hardly concentrate on the demonstration.

As part of our "Celebrating 29 Years Back in Shiloh," we're having a series of events for women only by my very talented neighbors. Luckily I had some classes canceled yesterday, so I got home early enough.

The cream is good for the skin, anyplace, hands, face, etc. It looked and smelled like vanilla cream, but since the only "non-food" item was borax, it's not for eating.

Today I went to the pool, earlier than usual, got a ride to "Chizme," the "border" between Jerusalem and Mateh Binyamin, the Benjamin Regional Council, where Shiloh is. From there I got a ride with a neighbor who was going to shop in the big Rami Levi Discount Supermarket on the way. So I finally went there for the first time. It's a big modern supermarket, like I've seen in other places. The prices I could check were low, so I bought a few things. And then my neighbor took me home.

Yes, a nice start to the day, Baruch Hashem, thank G-d.

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