Monday, October 01, 2012

This Year's Succah

Last year #1 son reconstructed our succah with the assistance of the son-in-law. 

Usually my husband is lucky, and at least one of the boys comes to visit pre-Succot to help him construct/assemble it, especially to get the sechach up on top.  This year he had to do it on his own. 

As you can see he managed.  OK, it helps to be tall and we do have a nice ladder he uses when necessary.  OK, our son likes to climb, but...

And I had to decorate it on my own, not for the first time.  We have a box with enough decorations to decorate a succah big enough for dozens of people. 

As you can see, we have a wide variety of decorations, posters, greeting cards, calendar pictures, homemade and a photo, too.

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