Monday, October 22, 2012

Real Life, Nothing Lives Forever

Ode to a washing machine....

Yesterday I posted this announcement aka status update on facebook:
Our washing machine is "gossessing," as I use a the Hebrew verb for on its last breath or brain-dead.
Yes, you can say it has Alzheimer's. It's like some senile old guy peeing in the fridge, so I finally called the repairman.

When he heard my description-not the peeing just the sounds and dirt coming out during spin-, and considering that although it was a cheap machine bought 11 years ago. Not
hing broke that wasn't the fault of a human, and I hadn't called him in for over 10 years... he recommended a new machine. It would cost me over ns300 just for him to come and no promise he can rejuvenate it.

He said that he sells new machines, that are considered scratched or whatever and they come with 3 year service. And he delivers, so I decided to go for it.

Not everyone delivers or services to Shiloh.

Am I crazy?

I was very fond of that machine.  I had bought it in time for my younger son's being drafted into the army.  I wanted a machine that would allow me to launder the army uniforms for two in prewash with cold water.  I knew there would be at least two years with two of them in the army, different sorts of units and different types of grime.  The paratrooper brought in muddy uniforms and the tankist had machine oil.

After much searching I found a simple inexpensive machine. Of course the salesperson claimed that they delivered to Shiloh and would provide service, which wasn't entirely true. 

The previous washing machine had been bought before that son was born. I needed a machine that could handle diapers for two.   It was known as a sturdy machine, the legendary Crystal Super Lord, and facebook friends commented that they are still using theirs. 

This repairman, sales agent, was discovered when Crystal told me to call him since they wouldn't install or repair my new machine eleven years ago.  I was pleased with his service then but hadn't been in touch for over ten years.  The last time was when "someone" broke the security lock on the handle and he fixed it. 

Just recently a neighbor mentioned that he had had his machine repaired by a funny guy, and I just knew he was the same one.  So when the phone number on the sticker he left wasn't good, I called my neighbor who gave me the newer one.  And now I'm waiting to hear about the options.  I figure that he wouldn't recommend my buying a machine that needs much service or he'd have to drive out here a lot.

People tell me that eleven years is now considered a good life span for a washing machine, especially a cheap one.  And considering that I never paid for a service contract or repair for over ten years...  Let's say goodbye to:

And we'll hope that its replacement lasts at least as long.

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