Monday, October 08, 2012

Celebrating Havel Havelim, An Aspiring Mekubal Does it Again

There are some wonderful jbloggers out there in the world of Jewish blogging.  Michael, An Aspiring Mekubal, is always willing to pitch in when we're short a host.  I really appreciate his generosity.

So here's Havel Havelim #380, which he managed to produce on the Eve of Simchat Torah, just a week after his previous edition HH #379.  There is a nice variety of posts from lots of blogs.  He must have spent a lot of time finding them.  Please read, comment and share.  It's a great way to keep some of the holiday spirit.

Next week's Havel Havelim host is  Ima 2 Seven.  Please send in your links via blog carnival.  If you're a Jewish blogger and would like to get more involved aka become a host, join our facebook page.

There are other Jewish blog carnivals (floating internet magazines,) such as the Kosher Cooking Carnival.  Send in your posts via blog carnival, and we also have a facebook page.

There's also JPIX for Jewish picture posts.

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