Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Entertaining of Sorts, The Visiting Christians

I must admit that it wasn't real "entertaining" with food or anything like that in my house or whatever.  What I did was to speak to a Christian group that volunteers for Jewish farmers in Judea/Samaria. 

The person who leads this group has been after me for more "understanding" since  my Shiloh Musings has Jewish Israel posting, and I sometimes remind my readers to beware of Trojan horses and worse from Christian groups posing as Jewish or pro-Jewish.

Especially with Christian groups, I'm wary of their true agendas.

Yesterday, in the fitness park across from my house, I spoke to them very honestly and bluntly.  Yes, that's the only way I know how to speak.  For me being too diplomatic is just a fancy word for lying.

I admitted that my interpretation of Christianity is that they aim to replace Judaism and that they worship a person, which is forbidden by Jewish Law.  I also told them that I do not like the fact that there are Christians who adopt Jewish ritual objects.  And I also said that although we use some of the same terms/words, they mean very different things.  Their god isn't the Jewish G-d.

Since they say they are pro-Israel and asked what they can do, I told them. 
  • I told them that their role is to inundate the media, politicians and academics wherever they live and tell them that the only People who have a historic right to be here in the Holy Land is the Jewish People. 
  • They must keep on repeating that there never was a Palestinian sic People, nor a Jordanian one.
  • They must report the true situation in Israel, the tolerance and the terror.
I should have also told them to support Israel financially by buying as many Israeli products as possible.  What else should I have said?

PS After I had finished talking, some of them helped me by dragging our old washing machine out of the house, so I could prepare the spot for a new one, G-d willing.  What's interesting is the the on/off button fell off of it as it spun its last spin...

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