Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Worst Soup Ever!

Regulars here will remember that not so long ago, I blogged that a friend and I had to call over a waitress and return some "Lentil" soup in Bleeker Square Dairy Restaurant, Zion Square, Jerusalem, that was dangerously spoiled.  They then served us the dullest faux Onion soup that had ever come out of a bag.  It had a few pieces of onion floating in pale thickening whatever.  Since I had previously eaten good meals there, including fantastic soups, I gave it another try, with a different friend.

We ordered their business lunch, a great deal for ns49, since it includes a soup, juice and a main course.  I had decided to go back to their Tuna salad, which I had liked at a previous visit there.  The "soup of the day" was Pea soup, which we both were looking forward to.

Yes, the soup looked lovely.  You can see the pieces of carrot.  I couldn't wait to eat it.  We both hungrily and enthusiastically filled our soup spoon and ate that first mouthful of soup.
"Pepper, it's full of pepper!!"
"Too much salt!"
"My mouth hurts!"
"I'm leaving!!!"
"Waitress, this is inedible!!!!"
"We're going!!!"
My friend was out more quickly than I could run.  The waitress begged me to stay and talk to the manager.  He quickly offered a different soup, onion soup.
"But I've eaten your onion soup and it's just some thickener."
"This is a new improved version," and he quickly gave me a small cup to sample. 
But he didn't give me some water to clean my mouth from the salt, so nothing at that point could taste good and my friend refused to even return to try it.

We ended up eating at the Rimon Dairy Cafe` which wasn't bad, though we didn't get any free soup with our business lunch.


Leora said...

Good for you that you gave them a second try. Very bad for them that they messed up and thus should not be given that third try ...

It does look good. Sigh.

Batya said...

Leora, no doubt there will be more places to try out.