Sunday, January 06, 2013

Some Quick Blog Visits aka an Unofficial Havel Havelim

Since very few bloggers have been signing up to host Havel Havelim recently on our facebook page, I have decided to do a quick, simple unofficial version.  Here are a few posts in other blogs worth visiting:

First my Shiloh Musings, King David, Paralyzed by Guilt and Traitors, 1 Kings Chapter 1 מְלָכִים א
and Tikkun Olam It's All About Energy...
Lorri's  Friday Sunset and Interesting Links
Ilana-Davita's Bookish Weekly Review
Our Shiputzim's Freshly Baked Goods Friday: Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes Edition
Ester's The Last Jew: A Smithsonian Institute Exhibition
Shirat Devorah's Egos and the Laws of Forgiveness

That's it for now, since I must get on with my day.  Please visit the other blogs, comment and send my regards....

and please jbloggers out there, join and get active in our  Havel Havelim and our facebook page


Mrs. S. said...

Thanks for including my post, and shavua tov!

hannahsnook said...

Thanks a lot Batya for linking to my blog!

Batya said...

Mrs. S, Hannah, my pleasure