Friday, January 04, 2013

Recycling? Do You?

Maybe it's what we're used to that seems easiest...

When my parents still lived and owned their home on Long Island, recycling and garbage preparation for collection was so complicated.  They had a slew of color-coded garbage containers that had to be kept hermetically covered, so the garbage stayed in and the animals out.  They also had to make sure the right type of garbage was inserted or the "garbage police" would fine them or something like that.  And on just the right day of the week, the correct can had to be left out on the side of the road, rain, shine snow or sleet.

Here in Shiloh, we have a number of neighborhood garbage disposal things, well-guarded by the felines population on every street, every certain number of homes and also a couple of neighborhood recycling "centers."


We also have receptacles for paper and cardboard/cartons.  There's no law requiring us to sort and recycle our garbage.  Some people do it and some don't.   One thing for sure.  The recycling receptacles are filling more and more quickly every month, so my guess is that more people have started using them.

A couple of weeks ago, I advertised in our local email that we had quite a few bottles that were available for those who want to use the deposits for charity, and one of the local teachers took them from us.  His class uses the deposits for projects.  I was glad to get them out of the kitchen.


Lorri said...

I recycle everything possible. I always have. My children do, also.

It started when I was a child, on Long Island.

Batya said...

Recycling wasn't done when I was done. That is unless you count wearing my older cousins' clothes and handing down whatever survived to others.