Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Winds Whistle and The Soup's Cooking

Even though my house is pretty well insulated, double walls and double windows, I can still feel that it's cold and windy outside.  And yes, cold enough for the hail and sleet to stick a bit, even a couple of hours later when I took a walk.  A rare move for me, I even took the forecasts seriously and didn't travel in to Jerusalem for my Bible classes in Matan.  I guess it was a smart move, because the second class was canceled, when the Jerusalem Municipality announced that schools were closing early.  And bus service was very irregular.

PM at Israel Police traffic control center 
Photo: GPO / Kobi Gideon
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu made a very public inspection of "headquarters," since he's running for office.

Almost everyone will agree that the best food on a cold, windy day is hot soup, so I made yet another version of vegetable soup.  And  I found just the right movie to watch when cooking, Julia and Julie.  But please don't expect this recipe to be anything French or fancy!  It's a new version of my "Two Pot Vegetable Soup."

  • a cup brown lentils
  • large onion in small pieces
  • a few carrots, cut
  • garlic
  • tomato concentrate/past
  • oil
  • cabbage, cut
  • water
Instructions, by Illustrations

Let the lentils soak in boiling water, covered, before cooking.  Then boil them, and it won't take long.

Saute onions, carrots and garlic in oil.
Add some tomato concentrate/paste
Then add the cooked lentils to the vegetables along with boiling water.

Add the cabbage, more boiling water if needed, plus your salt and pepper
Let it all cook on a low flame for about half an hour.


Lady-Light said...

Sounds wonderful! Wish we were having soup tonight-my D. H. is making stuffed eggplant. Can't complain, though...

Batya said...

LL, sounds good. Come here to join me if could just move closer.

Ester said...

Hi Batya,
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