Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winter, and the Water is Cold

Early last week our hot water boiler starting shorting the electricity in the house.  I woke up early to a very dark house.  It was pretty obvious what had happened, especially when I noticed light outside.  So I threw on a robe and hat so I could flip the switch of the fuse, then  turned off the boiler switch and made my way to the front door and out to the electric box.  Magic, the light went back on.

Then I made my way back to the boiler switch, turned it on, walked towards my room and... off it all went again.  So I repeated it all, almost.  Since then I haven't turned on the boiler.  We've had, until today, some hot/warm water from the solar panels. They only work when the sun can reach them.  I know that the sun was out, but the rain clouds were hiding it, and no doubt we have no hot water.  That means, freezing water for washing dishes and washing ourselves.

The electrician is expected tomorrow, G-d willing.  And he has warned us that it probably means a new boiler.  That's a major expense very soon after having to buy a washing machine.  But we have no choice.  There are things you just must buy whether you want to or not.  Yes, you must buy them no matter how much money you have.  You just must find a way.

We thought we'd be spending a lot on a new back door, but luckily our son-in-law fixed it.  We just must pay for the materials.  He came over yesterday afternoon before Shabbat with the grandkids.  My husband took the kids to the playground, while I was busy cooking in my house and my daughter was busy in hers.  Yes, everyone was busy. 

Owning a home is never dull and although there are usually quiet times without major expenses, the expensive times always return.

As long as we're all healthy.....

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