Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Water Isn't Just Water

Years Decades ago, when my kids were little they'd complain non-stop about the water when we visited New York.  They said that the water tasted awful.  They also complained about the dairy products, especially the cottage cheese.  And they complained about the taste of the fruit.  One of my sons hated the smell of the air-conditioning and we'd have to put some sun screen on his upper lip to mask the odor.

I guess that I was still American in tastes so those things didn't bother me.

But now in recent years, I just can't stand the taste of the flat, sans minerals water I'm served in the states.  A number of years ago we spent a fortune getting a fancy water filter for drinking water, which made the water taste American.  I didn't like it and felt it bad for my gums, unless that was just my imagination.

The only thing I like to drink when in the states, and now I'm in Arizona, is good mountain spring mineral water.  It's worth spending the money and buying bottles of it.  If I have to choose between buying coffee or buying water, I'll buy water.

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