Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boots and Winter Coat, Perfectly Dressed for Phoenix, AZ

Yes, I'm perfectly serious.  Although, everyone has always told me that "it doesn't rain in Phoenix in the winter," I got good use of my heavy winter coat and boots so far.

When I landed Thursday morning it was raining.  Friday was mostly cloudy with rain.  I must admit that my second walk to the stores near my parents was sans coat, but by the time my sister picked me up and took me to the generous hosts from the Young Israel of Phoenix, it was raining again.   And it rained all Shabbat and now mid-morning on Sunday, it's not dry nor sunny.

I got gypped!

I had been hoping for "vacation weather."

There still are a few more days to the visit. Now, if this is instead of Atlanta's possible ice storms or snow which can totally paralyze the city, I will happily accept it.  My friend in Atlanta  also promised me good weather, and I'd rather take Phoenix rain that Atlanta snow and ice.


Anonymous said...

"gypped" is a derogatory term. It derives from gypsy and connotes negative characteristics that are grounded in stereotypes. It's the same problem as saying "I "jewed" them down"

Lorri said...

We have had similar weather in SoCA, with rain and with low temps. It has rained for one week. The temps the past two weeks have been in the 30s, day odd.

Batya said...

Lorri, hope Atlanta has a more pleasant winter when I'm there.