Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blame Me For The Stormy Weather!

I'm a mother, a Jewish mother, so I'm used to being blamed for everything.

When I planned my visit to the states for late January, early February, I had two things in mind.

  1. not missing any of my Matan classes
  2. enjoying warm weather, ok, warmer than in Shiloh and Jerusalem
That's why I'm away this week, when it's intercession in Matan. And since everyone has been telling me for years decades how warm it is in Phoenix in the winter and my friend bragged about spring weather in Atlanta in the winter, I just couldn't wait   

You may have heard the news   Phoenix just had about 5 days of sold rain.  Yes I was there for it and Atlanta had a thunder storm.

Well, the storm here is over and we're going shopping.  How bad can I be?

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