Wednesday, July 03, 2013

And Finally.... The Presents

It seems like a million years ago, when I visited my parents in Tempe, Arizona, just after my sister moved them to Clare Bridge.  Just before I went back home, my sister and I got my grandkids some presents.  I think we just went into Target and looked for the washable markers my daughter had requested.  Then we saw the fabric paint markers and bought shirts for the kids to decorate.  I figured that it would be a great school vacation activity.

Who would have guessed that right after I got back home our mother would die and then we'd  meet back up in New York for the burial etc.?  So, after the shiva and my return to work and real life, it ended up that the first time I got to visit the grandkids to babysit was the day school let out.  So I brought one of the packages of fabric paint markers and some simple t-shirts for the kids to decorate.

There's more packed away for them.  These are great vacation gifts.  And there's more to come...

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