Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yes, I Guess I'm Human

I'm one of those people who jump up with my alarm if not sooner.  I can become pretty intolerant when hearing people talk about always being late and not hearing their alarms.  But yesterday was a rare one. I slept through my alarm. 

I had a mid-morning study date with my Matan Al HaPerek chevruta buddies.  To get to my friend's apartment I didn't need to leave all that early, but I always get up at least two hours before I have to leave the house to drink my water and coffee, shower, dress, doven, have breakfast etc*.  I hate starting off the day rushing and panicking.

At about 2am I awake and couldn't fall back to sleep.  Too many things were swirling in my mind.  I didn't even fall asleep on the couch.  I tried drinking water and having some goats yogurt.  It was already almost four; I decided that if I didn't fall sleep soon I'd just get up and do things. 

The next thing I knew my husband was calling my name and saying:
"It's a quarter to seven.  Didn't you want to get up early?"

Oops!  I sure did!  I DID NOT HEAR MY ALARM AT ALL!!  I rushed through my morning routine* which also includes blogging on both blogs, this one and Shiloh Musings.  Two hours later I was walking out the door, after pretty much everything was done.  The only thing I didn't do was pack a snack, some almonds and fruit. 

The bus to Jerusalem showed up just as I got down to the bus/tremp stop.  I got to where I had arranged to meet a friend exactly on time.  We had a fantastic learning/study session.  My plans were to then take sandals to a sandlar get new heels, then go to Machaneh Yehuda to shop and then meet up with my daughter to shop with her in Ariel, dropping off my bags, the shuk stuff and younger grandchildren at home on the way.  But as my friend was about to let me off on Rechov Agrippas, I realized that I was too, just too, tired and hungry (remember that I had forgotten to take fruit and almonds) to do those errands properly.  So she dropped me off at the "city line" outside of Pisgat Ze'ev and I efficiently tremped home.  The rides came quickly, and I was home in no time.

At home I made a quick lunch with the vegetable soup made the other day and was ready to go shopping with my daughter when she showed up.

The extra sleep I got when I didn't hear the alarm made up for the sleep I had missed in the middle of the night, which is good.


Anonymous said...

why intolerant?

Batya said...

One of my faults, especially when it comes to weaknesses I rarely show. I'm not perfect.