Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An "Only in Israel Story," At The Bank

Yesterday I finally made it to downtown Jerusalem aka "Jerusalem Center" as it's called on the lightrail.  One of my stops was the bank to open one of our small savings to pay for a few wedding expenses, since a son is G-d willing getting married soon.

It's possible to do these things by internet and other impersonal ways, but I'm just too much a "people person" and just like to deal with real live breathing talking listening people.  I guess that's why I enjoy working in a store.  I just can't understand how people buy things online.  I have to feel the fabric, even if I don't try it on. Though I must try on shoes or I can never know if they will be comfortable.  Back to the story.

Our bank branch always has these things changed, like who and where and how to find the clerk to handle such matters.  I went to where I had taken care of things just over a year ago.  The clerk there sent me to the other side of the bank.  Over there they told me to go upstairs.  There a cute little "helper guide" told me to tap in my number onto a computer screen.  Well somehow my "taps" weren't strong enough, so she did it for me.  I was given a receipt with my "number."  I was told to wait until I was called. 

A minute later I heard my number and was told to go up to "the express bank clerk" who was right next to where I was waiting.  I told her what I needed to do. Of course I couldn't remember the name of the sort of account I needed to open, but she knew.  This is done all the time here.  And since I had, with the help of the young helper, typed in my number, she knew who I was and all my bank business etc.  At least it was on the screen in front of her.

"No problem," she said.  "It'll be in your account tomorrow.  My neighbor has daughters still single.  Maybe you have sons for them?"
"I also have single daughters."

just as an example of  a Jewish wedding
None of the ages/sexes matched up. And then we began talking and blessing each other.  I was in tears by the time I left the bank.  Such blessings, G-d willing...

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