Sunday, July 28, 2013

Challot Were a Success and a Prayer

Among other things, mainly vegetables and grapes, we brought challot I had made a couple of weeks ago to our married daughter and the grandkids.

I must admit that I didn't quite follow a recipe.  I concentrated on positive, good thoughts and prayers as I mixed and kneaded and tried to get the dough just right.  It's generally recommended to knead at least six minutes.

And I prayed for my kids that they would rise to all occasions, be healthy and strong and connected to G-d. 
Raising kids is much more difficult than making a beautiful tasty challah.
We do our best, and hope the recipe is good and the temperature right and our hands strong enough.  A challah is just a challah, made for eating, but our kids are our real treasures.  May G-d help us.
This is an approximation of the challah recipe:
1 c sugar (dark brown)
2 T dehydrated yeast
3 1/2 c warm water
1 c oil
 2 eggs (medium or smallish by American standards)
1 kilo or more of wholewheat flour
1 kilo or more white flour, alternate flours when adding to get a mix
It's hard to know the exact quantity of flour
mix sugar, yeast, water, oil a cup of flour
cover with plastic and let sit until bubbly and rising
add the eggs and flour, mixing as you go, then knead until it doesn't stick to your hands
coat with oil, cover with plastic and wait until it's at least doubled
"punch it down"
optional let it rise again
shape the challah
let it rise
bake, start  in an oven hotter than for a cake and then lower the heat until cooler than a cake after the outside begins to get a light brown
It's ready when the bottom is hard and there's a hollow sound when you tap it

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