Monday, July 29, 2013

A Soldier's Mother's HH

This week's Havel Havelim is hosted by A Soldier's Mother.  Paula's blog, A Soldier's Mother is a very successful and popular blog, and I'm glad that it participates in Havel Havelim, which is the most veteran of all the Jewish blog carnivals.  Actually, HH is one of the all-time veteran blog carnivals.  It's a round up of posts from Jewish and Israeli blogs on all Jewish or Israeli topics from all over the world.

We use our facebook page to "coordinate," announce or volunteer who's hosting.  You're welcome to volunteer to host an edition.  I'll coach you through if needed.  Send your link or any relevant link from another blog in via blog carnival to be part of Havel Havelim.  I keep the page there up to date, so your link will go to the right host blogger.  Next week's host is Rafi's Life in Israel

PS Next week will be the Rosh Chodesh Ellul edition of the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival.  KCC also has a facebook page.  It will be hosted by Culinart Kosher and you can send in your posts via blog carnival.

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