Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And What Would YOU Do if You Won 27 Million Shekels, About $7,000,000?

Last night at work, one of the younger workers kept asking each of us what we would do if we suddenly found ourselves winning NS27,000,000, which I'm quickly calculating (without checking exchange rates) to be about $7,000,000.

Considering that we work at a very simple minimum wage job, with occasional bonuses, that sort of money is very far from our reality.  There most probably are workers who buy lottery tickets, but I don't.  I'm just not a gambler.  I know that without gambling in some way or another, owning a business is a form of gambling, I can never really get rich.  Businesses that make their owners rich are those that do two things.
  • you have to get a cut (percentage) out of some sort of purchase/exchange
  • you have to be willing to trust a staff to do more than you can do, so the business will expand past the capabilities of one person
One person businesses are extremely limited in how large and profitable they can be. One can live well for a limited period of time, but if the owner doesn't die "in the saddle," retirement may be almost impossible without paying lots of money in advance.

Nu, so what did I say I'd do with a great financial windfall?
  • I'd give each of my kids a certain amount to buy an apartment, whether they own one or not.  If they already have one, they should buy one as an investment for added income.
  • I'd buy a couple of apartments for investment purposes for added income.
  • I'd fix up our house and garden.
  • I'd set up a fund so that all of the children, grandchildren and "children-in-law" could have tuition for university degrees and professional courses.
  • I'd establish a new custom of a family trip/retreat someplace in Israel for the entire family.
And would I continue working?  NO, sorry.  I would have to stay busy. I'd continue studying Tanach, Bible at least once a week.  I'd join fitness places, go swimming at least once a week and learn healthy things like belly dancing.

I answered the question.  What's your answer?


Lorri M. said...

Your money-winning goals sound like ones I would choose...taking care of family and making sure everyone is in a comfortable place.

Your Tanach study continuance is also something I would continue.

goyisherebbe said...

I would add to that that I would make a significant donation to the beit midrash or in your case midrasha where you learn and have some clout in getting the classes and hevrutot that you want. I would probably find some other activity to do to further what is important to me, as the goyisherebbe, namely universal values of Torah for the world. But in general, yes, your game plan is the right one. Now, how do I find a donor for that sum? I sure won't win it in the lottery.

Batya said...

Lorri, goyish, if only we really did have the money.

And then I'd be able to even study more than I do now. And yes, support the educational places, too.