Thursday, August 29, 2013

More in My Coffee Saga

Here's this morning's facebook "update status:"
Last of my American coffee stock.  I'm not even sure where I was when I bought it, but I do remember that I was with my sister in some store and saw a whole bunch of coffee on sale.  This one is the least successful davka.  Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée.  It's a light roast, so not really strong enough.  When that's gone, I'll have to start perking my Elite Turkish again.

It doesn't have anything approaching the zing my homemade vanilla coffee, which is Elite Turkish well perked with a dash of good vanilla extract.  It's my fault in a way for picking a "light roast."  I should have stayed far away from it.  It has the coffee flavor of an ordinary instant coffee.  My previous Archer Farms was good coffee.

Kashrut is OU.  When I was pulling sale price coffee out of the bin in the store I can't remember*, there were many OU coffees.  I looked for the hechsher, kosher certification first and the name and strength of the coffee second. I remember being wary about the "light roast," but the vanilla in the label intrigued me.  Years ago I had bought a vanilla-flavored coffee from a different brand and loved it.  Lesson learned.

*As I was checking out more about Archer Farms I discovered that it's a house brand of Target, so I must have bought the coffee there.  My sister and I did go there to get my grandkids all sorts of arts and crafts supplies. 


Sandra said...

Batya, google Lavazza. I have it every morning. I like my coffee good and strong! I am coming to Jerusalem from 16th Sept to 14th oct. can I bring you some delicious European coffee in my luggage and you can meet me to collect it when you are in town? It's a serious offer for a fellow addict!

Batya said...

Sandra, you're so sweet. I'd love to meet you f2f in Jerusalem, or Shiloh if you can come, whether or not you bring coffee!

I like their brewing tips.

Sanndra said...

Ok! But I will bring coffee, as I HAVE to bring a pack for me with my trusty coffee pot, or I won't make it through the holiday! Will be in touch with my Israeli phone number after Yom Kippur! Shabbat Shalom!