Monday, August 05, 2013

Grabbing a Sandwich at The "Holy Bagel"

At the tail end of a busy day in Jerusalem, rushing to Talpiyot to buy a hat, visiting with the chattan and callah (engaged couple) in Jerusalem and then to the Kotel, plus other things, I suddenly felt that I was fading rapidly.  Oops! It was dinner time and we hadn't eaten much all day.  So my sister-in-law and I rushed into the main (original) branch of "Holy Bagel,"  near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station, 220 Jaffa Street.

Actually, I once knew the place well, when it was "Beit HaBagel," The Bagel House.  I used to work there being in charge of the department that sold ready-made bagel sandwiches, pastries, drinks and salads to office buildings.  I also did the selling in Har Chotzvim.

I chose what they called a "whole wheat" bagel.  It seemed too soft to have been boiled then baked, the classic New York bagel way.  But it was shiny.  I didn't ask; I was too tired.  I had it filled with tuna salad and lots of fresh greens.  It was satisfying and really saved me.  My sister-in-law had hers filled with cheese and salad.  It was a good thing we ate when we did, because we got home very late.  Service was fine and there was a nice variety of fillings.


Lorri M. said...

A bagel any time of day does it for me. I love having them stuffed with fresh avocado and tomato. Yum!

Leora said...

I'm glad you found something to eat! I'm trying to eat bread only once/twice per week, and that is the challah for Shabbat. My body is happier without it.

I have a picture on my blog somewhere of my middle son eating at Holy Bagel about five years ago.

Batya said...

Lorri, If I ate bagels more often I'd gain back weight.
Leora, I generally only eat bread on Shabbat, but it's better to eat a bagel than starve.