Friday, August 09, 2013

The Wedding!

Well, to be honest, this will be a difficult post to post, because my kids don't like me to write about them or post pictures of them.  Last night our youngest got married.  We still have more who are single.  At the wedding someone who doesn't know the family well asked if this was the "last wedding."  I answered "G-d forbid.  He's the youngest.  I hope more of our kids will get married."

Just in case you're curious, I wore black, a black skirt and a black sequined top and black and metallic hat,  and couldn't quite figure out what color nailpolish to use.  For some reason, I had bought sage green around the same time I bought the sequined top and after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide which color from my collection, I wore the sage green.  It looked better in person.  It sparkles because I used a coat of cold sparkle on top.

The young couple planned the wedding.  As far as I could tell they used the basic chuppah set up the hall does and didn't bring in an "artistic arranger."  It all looked gorgeous.  With scenery like that you don't need anything fancy.  Only the bride was more beautiful.

"co-photographer," took some of the pictures

And just in case you're curious. You're not supposed to be able to recognize people here, except for me and my husband.  The kids demand their privacy.


Sandra said...

Wow! Looks like a perfect spot for a Chupa! Mazal Tov!

AJ said...

Hi, Mazel Tov !
At a first glance I thought the chupa was in Shilo, but in the end I think it's in Beit Meir ?

Batya said...

Sandra, yes, it's a gorgeous place. AJ, the place is Ness Harim.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, and mazel tov.

Batya said...

thank you