Monday, August 12, 2013

The Newest Green

When I was growing up, nailpolish was red, pink, coral for the daring or a white pearly color.  Those are pretty much the only colors you won't find in my collection.  I have blues, greens, orange, yellow, purples and metallic nailpolish.  For some inexplicable reason I have become a fan of greens, firstly apple green.  But a few months ago when visiting the states I grabbed a different type of green, more of a sage green.

And that's the nailpolish I ended up wearing to my son's wedding.

My outfit was black, an old, black dressy skirt, plus a black sequined top, bought on sale in Atlanta, GA, and a black and gold hat.

PS I do my own manicures; they're not perfect, but that's life.

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