Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ellul, Month of Love, Kosher Cooking Carnival at Culinart Kosher

I'm sure many of you are waiting to see pictures and reports of my son's wedding, but they will wait a bit.  First I'm posting about the latest edition of the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival.  This is a debut edition for Culinart Kosher, which is an excellent kosher food site.

I'd like to remind you that it's a good practice to submit via blog carnival kosher food posts, whether recipes, reviews, customs, kosher food news or halachik (Jewish Law) posts as soon as posted, or if you're like me  you'll forget. Also, hosts are always needed for this monthly kosher cooking carnival. For information either contact me, shilohmuse at gmail dot com, or check out our facebook pageTo tell you the truth, even I submit my posts using blog carnival including when I'm hosting.  That's why I'm referred to in the third person.  BC provides an easy to use "instacarnival" so hosting isn't difficult.  You may have to edit the spam out and you may certainly add more posts to the ones that had been submitted.

KCC is one of the longest running blog carnivals in the universe.  OK, of course, Havel Havelim is even older.  We use our facebook page to "coordinate," announce or volunteer who's hosting.  You're welcome to volunteer to host an edition.   Send your link or any relevant link from another blog in via blog carnival to be part of Havel Havelim.  Batya keeps the page there up to date, so your link will go to the right host blogger.

Please join our cyber community! Chodesh Tov!

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