Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why Blog? It's an International Community!

With the advent of other forms of magical communication such as facebook, twitter, skyping etc., people have been predicting the end of blogging.  Blogging is more than sending a line or two into the magic, mysterious cyber world via Wi-Fi, cellphone waves etc.

Many of us bloggers are either actual writers, photographers, journalists, public relations aka social media experts or wannabes of one or more of the above.  And there are your "just ordinary people" with a story to tell, a writing talent and people saying:
"You should start a blog."

Some blogs really take off and become popular, even money-making, and others just schlepp along with a small group of followers who manage to catch the blogger at just the moment he/she thinks it's time to quit with a:
"I love your blog.  It really speaks to me. Please don't stop."

How do they know that we continue blogging just to hear/read that?  Many of us have become "friends," community over the years, even if we've never met f2f face to face.  And there are those we actually know in real life and discover more from their blogs.  I have a combination of that on my "blog rolls," the list of blogs on the sidebar of my two blogs, this one and Shiloh Musings.

Many of us blog a combination of personal and political, whatever is on our minds and new in our lives.

Paula blogged of a death in her family, A Woman of Courage and Strength HaMakom yenachem, may G-d comfort....
Seraphic Secret gets a mazaltov on the birth of a grandson.
Mazaltov and refuah shleimah to Geuliyah on the birth of her twins,
מיה אמונה בת גאוליה שומרונה
זהר אושר אביה בת גאוליה שומרונה

Our latest news is the marriage of our son.

Jennifer has been keeping us informed of her aliyah adventures, Skyping! from their temporary abode in a mercaz klita in northern Israel.

Blogging isn't dead. That's one of the reasons all sorts of mainstream press has added blogs on its internet sites.  I've had blogging rights on a few internet newspapers.  Of late, I can be found on the Jewish Press blog section.  They choose the posts from my blogs.  I stopped blogging on a different paper, because they demanded only original material written for their site.  And considering that they certainly didn't pay me anything, it reeked of chutzpah to make demands.

I like the independence of blogging what I want.  My blogs are my own newspapers.  I decide what's "fit to print."  I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  Please share the links and comment in the comments, thanks.


Danielle L said...

Great post, and yes it really is an international community - I just wish I had more time for my own blog like I used to!

Batya said...

Danielle, I'm sure your gorgeous jewels keep you super busy!! No doubt you'll return someday...

Leora said...

I'm glad you said no to a newspaper that wanted to set rules you didn't like. Good for you!

For many of us who like to write or show imagery, blogging is great fun. Works well for a lot of businesses, too.

Batya said...

Leora, yes, thanks

Miriam said... usual as wonderful post.

Unlike you and Paula and so many others, I'm not a serious blogger.

I blog as a hobby on topics that really interest me and that I want to share.

Please keep blogging, your words are so natural and your passion on topics about Israel keep your reader glued to the end.


Batya said...

Miriam, thanks
Your posts are definitely worth the wait, very precious.

Lady-Light said...

Batya, thank you for your post. I can attest to finding kindred spirits-who have become friends-through blogging. I used to be a more serious blogger, blogging several times a week or when participating in NaBloPoMo, every day. Not so much now...haven't had the peace of mind to sit at the PC researching for posts. With family issues cropping up, I was focused on my children, on looking into moving, and my own medical issues. Truth is, I miss it-blogging, that is. I had enough trouble keeping up 1 blog; don't know how you do 2!

Batya said...

I miss your posts. G-d willing you'll soon have the peace of mind to find the energy to blog again. We haven't yet f2f, though we've talked...