Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finally, Some Pool Time

Unlike other years, we didn't take pool membership this year.  I'm the one who goes the most; last year I averaged four to five times a week, even though some were barely "dips" of fifteen minutes.  I'd rush to be there the moment it opened and then rush to work, a bit late but feeling so great, refreshed and energetic.

But this year the pool opening was postponed due to major renovations, more like rebuilding.  The Health Ministry had so changed the required safety and health standards that there was no way the pool could just be "repaired."  It took months of expensive work, but luckily I'm not the owner, so I just observed.

And then, before it opened, my mother passed away, and my pleasurable visits to the pool were forbidden during shloshim, the thirty days after burial.  That cut a huge chunk out of our repair-shortened season.

In addition, my trips to the states, to see my parents and then for my mother's funeral had cut down on my income, which is calculated to the minute, from personal identity-sign-in until the machine recognizes my finger when I sign out.

I've only been to the pool three times, and I'm careful about how I photograph it to respect the modesty of my neighbors.  We're not on display, like in other pools.

The pool at the Shalom Hotel as viewed from the terrace of the senior citizens home.
G-d willing, I'll be able to get to the pool more next year and enjoy the health benefits and slimmer figure...

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