Thursday, November 14, 2013

Putting Everything in a Different Perspective

Very bad news from the Bima Ima.  Superman Sam's cancer aka "ninja leukemia" is back.

Sam enjoyed a short remission after the bone marrow transplant which had been done, not under the best of circumstances, because the preparation treatment didn't produce suitable results.  But sometimes the bmt is successful even when there's still some cancer in his system.  Sam did have remission after the first round of treatment, but that ended.

The doctors no longer have any ideas on how to cure Sam.

Nothing I had planned on blogging here seems important any more after reading his mother's post.

We can still pray for a רפואה שלימה refuah shleimah, complete recovery/healing for
Shmuel Asher Uziel ben Pesah Esther

It certainly won't do any harm.  And we must pray that his parents, siblings, extended family and friends will enjoy good health and find joy in what they have.

Hugs to the family

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