Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The "Losers"

I'm a member of a photography group. Every week there's a theme, and we're supposed to photograph and send in a suitable picture.  This week we're required to send in a picture taken from below.  So I spent a couple of days pointing my camera up and getting very strange reactions from people who spied me doing it.

I took a lot of pictures while walking around my neighborhood, at work and also in Rami Levy when to and from the WC.  A fellow worker thought the project interesting and set up this pagoda for me.

Her shot of it with her smartphone was much more successful.

The pictures posted here are among the rejects, the losers.

I've already sent in my choice, and you'll have to wait until Sunday night Israel time to know what the picture is.  Here's the runner-up.  I do love this picture, but the one I chose is even more unique.


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Leora said...

Interesting theme - gets you thinking and looking.

Batya said...

thanks, it was fun