Friday, November 15, 2013

Should I Start a New Hobby?

It's not like I have oodles, or any, spare time, but I had so much fun and felt so good beading last week. And I got so many compliments on my necklace that I've been wondering if it's a good idea to branch out and be craftily creative.

my very first necklace, if you don't count the noodles and spools from thread I had strung as a kid

The friend who brought all of the equipment, cutters, wires, beads, claps etc charged me very little for the "ingredients," things I used to make this necklace, and mine was one of the more expensive projects.

My friends insisted that my necklace was like those sold in stores.  So, I began to wonder if could make jewelry as gifts or even sell my handmade jewelry for money/profit.  I certainly don't get anything from writing, blogging etc. And my work salary is the pits.

I'd have to set up shop in one of the unused bedrooms.  We've had an empty nest for years.  One of the bedrooms even has a large desk which could be emptied off and made into a "beading workshop."

To check out this new idea, I went into a popular Jerusalem craft supply store.  I did see a number of beads that inspired me, but I also realized how quickly one could spend money one doesn't have on these items. What first seems to be an inexpensive craft hobby when you think of how much it cost to make one gorgeous necklace can be full of expensive surprises.  I didn't even check the prices of the cutters and wire. The necklace I made also needed glue and other things.  Those who bead a lot also have boards to keep the beads in place while planning, designing and beading, since the beads can easily roll away.  I have to think very seriously about it.

Like photography, beading is an artistic medium that doesn't require a talent at drawing.  When I was young, it seemed that the only criteria for artistic talent was drawing, which I could never do all that well.  I was always drawn to art, and there's a lot of talent in my family, but it always seemed that it had passed me by. Then I discovered photography, which is a great medium for my talents.  Now it seems like I can also develop a different aspect of it by beading.

Nu?  What should I do?


Hadassa said...

I told you that people would ask you where you bought it. You know what I think of the hobby...

Batya said...

I'll need a more professional lesson in the techniques not design, but things like putting on the clasps etc.