Thursday, November 07, 2013

I Bead Like I Cook

This week my fb group friends and I got together for an afternoon of beading in Jerusalem.  I had never done that before, though I do remember stringing noodles and some "Indian crafts" at Jones Beach which required making things out of tiny beads of bright primary and secondary colors.

I found it very difficult to get started, but once I figured out exactly what should go in the center.  I had a theme, at least a color theme.  Then I began gathering beads to fit the colors.  I piled them all up in a plate making sure I had even numbers of all of the really nice ones.

Everyone else seemed to have an easier time making these decisions. After I finished the center of my symmetric necklace I slowly chose what would surround it.  Bead by bead, first one side and then the other, so they'd match exactly. Once I had all my ingredients, then I began the real work.  I couldn't envision the necklace before getting the beads, and I decide what to cook according to the food in the house.

Every once in a while someone would finish their new jewelry and happily show it off.  Of course some patterns, or lack of them, made the work easier.  Why did I choose such a complex idea and such tiny beads?  I had to keep my reading glasses on all the time!

We were even joined via Skype by a member who lives abroad.  Finally we all completed our new jewelry.

And that includes mine!

Thanks to Hadassa for bringing the beads, clasps etc and teaching us how to make the gorgeous and fun jewelry. (The pictures of me were taken by Jessie.)


Miriam said...

So sorry I couldn't you. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. The necklaces are just beautiful.


rutimizrachi said...

Looks like your "recipe" came out great. :-) Wish I could have been there. I STILL need to acquire clasps from somewhere if I'm going to get these pearls restrung. Guess I'll have to go to a store like a regular person...

Hadassa said...

I'm glad that everyone had a good time at the beading workshop. I get the feeling that there WILL be a next time.
Ruti, just search out the beaders in your neighborhood. Friends drop by my house from time to time for a bead or two, or a clasp or "one of ---". Understandably they don't want to buy a full package of something when they need only one or two of the item. They also don't want to schlep out to a jewelry supply store when they stop off a neighbor on the way to the local grocery store.

Batya said...

Miriam and Ruti, we missed you so much!!
Hadassa, thanks again. I'm hooked, though not enough to invest in it yet. Maybe when I'm retired, if that day will ever come.

Jessie said...

Thanks Batya. Your necklace was just exquisite! Hadassa, I'm hooked, no pun intended. It was tons of fun and a bracelet and earrings are next!!

Batya said...

Jessie, thanks! I never thought it would be so much fun. Your necklace is perfect!