Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Starting Something New, Never Too Old

My hobby these past few years has been studying Tanach, the Jewish Bible.  I devote one day a week to traveling by bus and tremp to Jerusalem to take courses in Matan.

One of the courses I've been studying is Al HaPerek, in which we're learning most of the Bible in about six years.  Each week we get questions about a couple of chapters.  Some people study on their own, others as couples, and I'm part of a small group of women.  One thing we all have in common besides a love for, or at least an interest in the Bible is that we never had the chance to study it seriously before.  We absolutely love the idea that this course is taking us through all of the books from Joshua until the very end.  And to be honest, without looking it up, I really don't know what the last book is called.

I must admit that there have been chapters and lots of them that sort of went past me.  Too many names, places, events for me to fully digest and remember.  But I'm soldiering along.  Some chapters are more interesting and memorable than others.  There have been times I've felt stupid and frustrated, but I never thought of quitting.  It's just not on the menu.

My fellow students all agree that the opportunity to study the Bible so thoroughly is something we shouldn't miss.

I look at this as a great opportunity, even though I'd doze in frustration when confounded by all the names in Melachim, Kings, and get totally lost with the lack of "plot" in Isaiah and most of Jeremiah. Now we're starting the Twelve Prophets.  I even found a Soncino edition of the book in our home library.

Very surprising was what I found inside the front cover.  Apparently it had been my book when I was a student at Stern College about forty-five years ago.  I have absolutely so recollection of ever studying from it. Maybe I just bought it for no reason? That doesn't really make any sense.

Whatever...  I'm glad to have it as a reference book.

There's something I'm really looking forward to.  When we finish this series of courses, I'd like to do it again.  I have no doubt that the second time will be much better than the first.

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