Friday, May 02, 2014

"Convert" to Eating at a Jerusalem "Meat Restaurant"

I must admit that I've wasted lots of money over the years by always choosing to eat out at a dairy restaurant when you get a much better and much more satisfying meal at your typical Israeli meat place. 

The other day my friend and I met for lunch in Talpiyot, in the recently expanded Hadar Mall on Pierre Koenig Street.  Now there are a number of eateries in the same section of the mall, making it a spacious "food court."

We walked around and did our price comparisons, also taking into account finding meals that would be low carbohydrate, since we'eve been battling the bulge for a long time, and we're determined to be victorious.

The usual Tuna Salads were close to ns50, and the slightly less expensive sushi was full of rice and would only make us hungrier. Then we decided to "go out of the box" and checked out this "Steakiat Gingi," "Redhead Steak House," which looked nice, spacious and clean.

Of course it's kosher. See the framed yellow certificate in the middle of the above photo.

The price was right, too. For just ns39 we got one "stick" of meat of our choice, cooked to order, plus lots and lots of salads.  I bagged the pittot, four for just the two of us and brought them home to the freezer.

We both chose liver for the simple reason that it's not on our home menu. Also it's very healthy, especially when grilled the way they do it, and the point of eating out is to eat foods you wouldn't normally have at home. There was a choice of side dishes, either chips (French Fries) or a salad. Yes, of course we ordered salads.

They replenished the small salads that accompanied the meal. Everything was really delicious! And I must admit that from now on I'll be looking at these Israeli meat places, rather than the usual dairy. You can even find kosher meat "snack" or fast foods for little more than a slice of pizza in Israel.  And after these meals, you won't be hungry. How many people really feel satisfied after a slice of pizza?

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