Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's משמש Mishmish Apricot Season!

Yes, it's משמש Mishmish aka apricot season in Israel!

Apricots are only good this time of the year. The season lasts barely a month, and only for a week or so are prices almost reasonable. I bought a couple of kilo last week. I'm now keeping them in the fridge. There are hardly any lest, and they may be the last this year for me.

Apricots are extremely healthy and have a terribly short shelf-life. They only taste good in season when fresh. I rarely eat the dried ones, because they are so sweet and hard to limit. I just keep eating and eating them. In the states I've seen gorgeous ones, but they have less flavor than Styrofoam, not that I'd ever eat Styrofoam. The few times I've tried American apricots, I've been disappointed and do not plan on trying again. I believe that fruit should only be eaten in season, and this season, this week is still apricot time. Enjoy!

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