Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jerusalem Day Flags, Favorite Photos

Of all the gazillion photos I've ever taken some of my all-time favorites are photos of Israel flags. One of the photos was used by Sarah who used to have a blog and did my blog banners.

Here's the photo on its own. Of course it's untouched.

It was cropped for the banner and originally posted in Shiloh Musings in the article Now for the Third Time, which tells of the third annual march to Jerusalem in memory of Avihu Keinan of Shiloh who was killed by Arabs in a very poorly planned army operation.

I have another favorite flag photo from that march.

I really can't say that they are better than the photos from yesterday, Jerusalem Day, but for me the excitement of those marches can still be felt when I look at the pictures.

There's something very kinesthetic, alive you can see in flags as they wave, furl and unfurl uncontrollably in the breeze or from the movements of whomever is holding it. Here are a few photos I managed to shoot yesterday in Jerusalem on Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem Day 5774.

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